Four Quick Steps

1. Define your mobile strategy 

Determine the mobile capabilities your business needs and discuss requirements


2. We build the prototype for you  

We take your requirements and build a working prototype within two weeks


3. Refine your business requirements  

Refine your requirements by adding and customizing features


4. We publish your app ready for use 

We help you test and deploy your app to achieve the required business outcomes


Cleaning Checklist Services


Works in minutes!

It's affordable, paperless and easy to use.

Includes GPS verification and digital signing.

Works on IOS and Android smartphones or tablets.

Automatic reporting and notification.

Automating your field teams

Track your field activities, sales, service delivery, and invoicing all in one place through an intuitive, easy-to-use, fully customizable interface.

Field Workforce Tracking

Punch staff in and out of job sites 

Easily schedule by jobs or field staff

Create checklists that staff check off at the site

Get alerts on missed schedules

Real Estate Online

Projects and properties purchasing

Reservation,deposits and instalment payments

Booking single and groups site visits

Online receipts and statements

Conference and Events

Solutions to increase attendee engagement

Reservation and purchase of tickets

Quizzes and polls

Speakers and Sponsors portal

What others are saying


Mr. George Wachiuri (CEO, Optiven Group)

The support we have received from the team has been impeccable. It's one of the main reasons we chose the firm over other app engineers - they really deliver and make you feel valued.

Mrs. Jane Kroos (Director, Janning Estates)

Great and talented team with innovative products that have improved our property management business.

Mr. Hezron Warui (CEO, Stemain Solutions)

They were able to deliver quickly a secure, reliable and cost-effective app matching the needs of our business.

Mrs. June Indri (Founder, Indri Services)

It is an absolute pleasure to work with such esteemed proffessionals. We were struggling to find a growth path for our plumbing business but found scale in iMotivat's mobile solutions.

Mr. Elvis Iruh (Editor-in-Chief, The Voice Magazine)

Great work you are doing! We got our App designed and available in a record 2 days!

Our mobile technologies are active at several brands