You are just a mentor away from success

When it comes to the information management career, every professional needs mentoring and advice. But it’s not always easy to find honest mentors in this field who will challenge you, help you and are willing to share their secret wisdom, skills, and expertise with you.

In addition, the profession is more competitive than ever before and requires a broader range of skills and an expansive network. Finding a mentor that has gone before you, introducing you to the right people and refer your skillset is not easy.

Here are the four things you need to find in a mentor in this profession.

1. An honest and candid one

Navigating the information management career is complex and fraught with numerous traps. You, therefore, need a mentor that is responsible for being honest and telling you like it is. The mentor needs to put things in perspective and let you know your areas of improvement. They must have a deep knowledge of and insight into human behaviour.

An honest mentor will tell you when your mindset is warped and requires transformation, when they think you should upskill, or when they notice you’re giving up on an important goal. Information technology can tear one down very rapidly, so it’s a good mentor that helps you regain your confidence. An experienced mentor will alert you when they think that you need self-reflection and self-examination.

2. They can relate to the challenges of the IM profession

Finding the right career path in this industry is not easyComing out of the University and entering the IM world can be a massive technology and culture shock. There are many flavours of “IM philosophies” out there in the business world, but if you find a mentor that has transcended through the “trenches”, you will have found a real treasure.

A great mentor would be one that has worked in the information management profession for a substantial period and thus would understand what you’re going through. A great mentor must be one that has a positive outlook on the profession and life in general. They must desire to support you even when times are rough and expose their network and knowledge assets to help you achieve your goals.

3. Have the right network and influence in the industry

The most important role of a mentor in the information management field is to introduce you to the right people in the IM network. Look for an individual who is well respected and comfortable in their skin. An individual that is willing to share their time and knowledge, loves people and has an impeccable reputation. One that will not hesitate to utilize their network on your behalf.

4. Tenacious and long-suffering

A proper mentor will help you set goals by combining authenticity, gravitas and humility with an enduring interest in helping you achieve your potential. And would often invest in your success just as much as you do. But the best mentor will do more of pointing you in the right direction and letting you work for your success. So the mentor needs to be tenacious but patient enough even when you digress along the way. A good mentor does not intervene in every major decision but must be one that understands that no one becomes better at anything by taking the easy route. You’ll need to hit some roadblocks or a fork in the road before you find yourself capable of true success in this field.

If you are now convinced that you need a mentor but don’t know how and where to start, let me know. I have mentored and helped many in this profession find great mentors from my network. I believe that one is just a mentor away from success in their profession.

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